Explore the Night

Explore the Night


We let users explore the endless possibilities of the night by connecting people with their city and its hottest spots

The results

10K app downloads and a 2000% increase in Twitter followers

The challenge

Merge the physical and digital into a unique experience

How do we create an immersive experience that transcends digital platforms into the real world and let Smirnoff truly connect with its consumers?

The solution

Embracing endless nights with a one-of-a-kind cab service

Our Explore the Night app hailed a free Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana cab and took users in Jozi, Durbs and CPT wherever they wanted to go. An integrated Heat Map crowdsourced the opinions of partygoers for a guide to the hottest parties in town, while our mobilised social team were on the ground, creating content on-the-fly and taking snaps of every unforgettable night with Smirnoff.