Ho Chi Minh City

HR Executive - Talent Development

1. Partner with the business to deliver people agenda as required by business agenda
a. Partner with the business to understand requirements and needs
b. Specify the delivery of HR services to match demand
c. Facilitate execution of strategic and operational HR processes

2. Provide subject matter expertise to meet specific business needs
a. Develop, monitor and ensure continuous improvement of fit-for purpose and good practice based processes, policies and tools
b. Partner and assist the HR Service Centre in resolving complex issues.

3. Develop HR system and deliver HR services to ensure business continuity
a. Develop HR management system to prepare workforce for business, enhance employee efficiently and facilitate talents
b. Deliver HR services that involve rule based, transactional and high volume activities

4. Develop team member qualified for company business need
a. Deliver training and coaching to team members to enhance team members’ skill and knowledge in project management
Active Listening - Presentation & persuasion - Project management & customer sevices mindset  Verbal and written communication - Helpful - Result-oriented - Resposible and Integrity Skills/Abilities