The Chill Booth

The Chill Booth

F&N Seasons

Transforming standard product sampling into a memorable interaction with the brand.

The results

Over 50,000 products sampled. Over 1.4 million impressions on Facebook. 18% incremental sales.

The challenge

Creating interest and driving trials for the launch of a new flavour for F&N Seasons Ice Tea.

The solution

Rewarding every smile with a free drink.

In Singapore - the world's least emotional city - we decided to surprise people with a simple, delightful idea: a vending machine that accepts payment in smiles. Using technology, we transformed the traditional product sampling exercise into a moment of joy. We created a custom-built vending machine with face-recognition technology that greeted people with charming messages and animations, read their expressions using HD vision, and rewarded every smile with a free can of F&N Seasons!