SMG Studio reaches Nintendo Switch’s eShop charts top 3


SMG Studio reaches Nintendo Switch’s eShop charts top 3

SMG Studio, Soap Linked by Isobar’s gaming experts, launched Death Squared on Nintendo Switch last Thursday. Downloads have reached new heights today, with over 7,500 gamers and counting downloading Death Squared, currently ranking it at number three in Nintendo’s eShop charts.

The game, specifically created for Nintendo’s latest console, is described as a couch co-operative puzzler. It sees players work together to help a team of robots escape an ominous laboratory. With puzzles designed around cooperation, requiring every player to survive for the group to advance, one false step can send the whole team back to square one. Luckily, each misstep comes with an instant respawn allowing groups to quickly put newfound information to use. 

Death Squared consists of 80 levels for up-to-two players, 40 additional four-player party mode puzzles and plenty of unlockable vault content, including Nintendo Switch-exclusive levels unseen in the previously-released PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

Patrick Cook, Head of Game Design, SMG Studio, said, “With easy-to-use controls, Death Squared was designed as an accessible experience for hardcore players and non-gamers alike.”

Patrick continued, “We created it so we could have something to play with our families. And now with Nintendo Switch, everyone can simply share a Joy-Con with a child, grandparent or friend, and enjoy our couch co-op puzzler wherever life takes them.”

To learn more about Death Squared, visit the game's official website.

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