Chicago, IL, United States

Lead Front-End Developer

Isobar is a digital agency committed to delivering robust, innovative, world-class solutions. We design and build everything from content-rich brand experiences to sophisticated business platforms to dynamic media and entertainment apps. Isobar’s breadth of clientele means that our people have a broad range of industry and platform opportunities to explore. Full collaboration between our technology, user experience, creative, business, and marketing teams ensures we create complex, award-winning, slam-dunk work.

Position Overview

Isobar is seeking Lead Interactive Developers who have proven experience developing and supporting enterprise-class web applications using all front-end technologies. Candidates must have extensive experience working in structured environments following Agile methodologies.

Leveraging a thorough knowledge of HTML / CSS and JavaScript as well as proficiency with JavaScript frameworks, the candidate will work in a collaborative environment to develop highly interactive digital experiences.


Candidates will provide high-quality, well-structured, well-documented code, and communicate effectively with creative leads, client counterparts, and other members of the development team. They will mentor junior / mid-level developers by encouraging collaboration, participation, and creative thinking.

The ideal candidate will have experience interfacing with various back-end technologies, frameworks, and services.  Lead Interactive Developers must demonstrate the ability to master new / emerging technologies, frameworks, and tools, and share this knowledge with the Isobar technical community. They must be advocates for establishing and following coding best practices, assist with code reviews to ensure the team adheres to the best practices, and take the initiative to offer technical direction and creative solutions.

Lead Interactive Developers at Isobar must have a firm grasp of project risks, communicate mitigation solutions to client, and interact with creative, experience, and development team members to identify and address potential issues early in the design / development process. The candidate must manage multiple work streams within an engagement, working with both internal and external resources to deliver on project milestones. The role likewise entails implementing and owning the front-end development solution, and leading architecture changes and new coding practices within both the project and the Isobar community. They will manage and lead technical team members, as well as mentor junior / mid-level developers by encouraging collaboration, participation, and creative thinking. 

The candidate must have consulting experience, be a team player with a positive attitude, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. This position may require travel.

Required Experience / Skills

  • Master of web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js), and JSON
  • Experience with templating engines and static site builders (e.g., Mustache, Gatsby, Hugo, etc.)
  • Thorough understanding of responsive web design, fluid layouts, and positioning
  • Thorough understanding of performance, cross-browser / cross-device development, testing, optimization, and front-end performance requirements
  • Ability to troubleshoot and debug issues that span multiple systems, as well as performance-tune and optimize an application with minimal assistance
  • Thorough knowledge of browser behavior and compatibility, cross-browser issues and solutions, and coding for search engine optimization
  • Able to perform low-level code analysis using code decompilers and memory dumps
  • Experience with front-end optimization tools (e.g., Lighthouse, Chrome Dev Tools) and web server gzip compression
  • Able to identify anti-patterns and provide refactoring recommendations
  • Strong layout, interaction design, and data visualization skills
  • Expertise in the evaluation, selection, and use of development frameworks and tools
  • Expertise in the selection and implementation of solutions that employ creational, structural, and behavioral design patterns, with the ability to leverage them through the design of entire project threads
  • Proficient with program modeling and the ability to design complete solutions for an entire application or system
  • Expert knowledge and application of the concepts and advantages of using compression and other optimization techniques to improve front-end performance
  • Experience developing sites with a content management system (e.g., WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager)
  • Expertise with optimization tools (e.g., integration with Omniture/Optimost/DTM/etc.)
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and other graphic-editing tools
  • Experience with source-code management tools (e.g., Git)
  • Able to set up source control and continuous integration tools, as well as assist in code branching and merging within the project
  • Experience with build systems (e.g., Gulp, Webpack) and unit testing (e.g. Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, etc.)
  • Comfortable with multiple development methodologies such as Agile or Scrum
  • Able to lead status meetings involving technical team members
  • In collaboration with user experience colleagues, be able to quickly prototype ideas and concepts for demonstrative and explorative purposes
  • Able to set up a shared, documented development environment, including environment set-up, build process, and deployment from scratch
  • Able to evaluate a set of requirements and recommend a platform
  • Able to conduct code reviews and enforce coding, security best practices, and guidelines to a team of multiple developers
  • Able to interpret wireframes and translate visual design and user experience flows into sound technical solutions
  • Able to document the complete solution using proven methods (UML, flow charting, ER diagrams) and Isobar templates, as well as client-ready documentation for entire project threads

Nice to Have

  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with XML technologies like XSD, XSL, XPATH
  • Design and conceptual skills