Chicago, IL, United States

Mobile Architect

Isobar is a digital agency committed to delivering robust, innovative, world-class solutions. We design and build everything from content-rich brand experiences to sophisticated business platforms to dynamic media and entertainment apps. Isobar’s breadth of clientele means that our people have a broad range of industry and platform opportunities to explore. Full collaboration between our technology, user experience, creative, business, and marketing teams ensures we create complex, award-winning, slam-dunk work.

Position Overview

Isobar is seeking a Mobile Architect to design and develop applications utilizing React Native along with the iOS and Android native SDKs.  The candidate must take the lead on projects and delegate tasks to other developers on the team.  The candidate will be required to solve problems while managing several projects at the same time.   The role also involves consulting on potential new projects, presenting to clients, and estimating timelines and risk before the project has been fully defined. As part of addressing the feasibility of proposed projects, the candidate must provide alternate solutions if the proposal is not possible.   The ideal candidate will have significant input into our process and will help influence the direction of our mobile team and our clients’ mobile strategies. 


Mobile Architects at Isobar must be able to work with other discipline leads/managers and the client to help design the architecture of the code.  They will be required to write the foundation code and manage the development team in adding to that code.  They will be involved in code reviews and may be required to meet regularly with the client to ensure the end goals can be met with the current architecture, team, and timeline.  They will be required to spot problems and bring them to management’s attention as soon as possible.  The candidate must understand multiple mobile platforms and the applicability of hybrid technologies.        

Required Experience / Skills

  • Experience with recent versions of React Native (those released within the last 6 months)
  • Working knowledge of at least one of the most recent Android or iOS SDKs
  • Have at least four reference apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, preferably at least one of those developed using the native SDKs
  • Proficiency working with standard React Native community components such as FlatList, Touchables, react-navigation, various button and control types, etc., as well as creating custom interface elements
  • Proficiency creating and working with Native Modules and/or Native Components
  • Complete understanding of ES6 JavaScript syntax and programing methodologies
  • Experience with the FlexBox layout system as well as familiarity with iOS storyboards or Android XML layout files
  • Proficiency integrating with web services (preferably JSON)
  • Understanding of the native platform networking stack and how the React Native bridge interoperates with it
  • Thorough knowledge of closures, Promises, async/await and/or multi-threaded programming concepts
  • Understanding of the core toolset used by React Native
  • Proficiency with source control systems (Git is preferred)
  • 10+ years of experience in software development with at least 3+ years of mobile development and 2+ in React or React Native

Nice to Have

  • In-depth understanding of Apple’s and Android’s code signing process
  • Deep understanding of React Native Animated APIs
  • Experience with mobile dev ops including the build and deployment process thru continuous integration