Amplifying drummers everywhere

Amplifying drummers everywhere


We created a powerful ecommerce experience that’s in tune with musicians no matter where they are in their lifelong musical journey.

The results

YoY Website users have shown more engagement through a 41% increase in pages/session and spend 41 seconds more on avg. during their session.

The challenge

The shopping journey for cymbals and drum sticks can be complex, and often times is a multichannel, non-linear process. In the tactile and physical world of drumming, digital plays a massive role. Zildjian tapped Isobar to deliver an ecommerce experience that merged its family of legendary brands, and elevated the shopping experience with unique storytelling content - serving all drummers regardless of where they are in their journey.

The solution

Reimagine how products can be experienced online – education for beginners; new sounds for pros; brand stories for all – by enhancing Adobe’s Magento commerce platform with an engaging visual design language and intuitive navigation that boosts cross-brand awareness.