Curating a visual language for home decor

Curating a visual language for home decor

Yankee Candle

What happens when you help consumers articulate their personal style preferences?

The results

A style vocabulary that resonates with consumers and positions the brand to evolve into new home décor offerings

The challenge

Bridge the gap between actual and aspirational style

After years of routine product development research, Yankee Candle realized there was a distinct disconnect between how people described their home décor style and how their homes actually looked. We needed to change the conversation by helping people express their personal style preferences… without using any words at all.

The solution

Let the right brain do all the talking

Since the topic of style often elicits personal opinions, it tends to fly under the radar in rational research methods. So we used MindSight® Experiential Discovery™ to capture unfiltered emotional reactions from people as they viewed a series of style visuals in a preconscious timeframe. 

As a result, we were able to find the words that describe how consumers really feel about their home décor style—helping us develop an organizational roadmap to guide Yankee Candle’s family of products.