From data to actionable information

From data to actionable information

US Air Force

We designed and developed a powerful suite of applications to allow US Air Force personnel to easily assess operational readiness and track thousands of mission-critical assets

The results

Our user experience approach and technological advances created an enterprise solution, increasing both productivity and efficiency

The challenge

Giving US Air Force personnel access to real time data analytics

Individuals within the U.S. Air Force require round-the-clock access to information. In the past, there was no centralized way to communicate, and access to information required for analysis was distributed across many different platforms. As a result, the U.S. Air Force maintained thousands of inefficient and redundant systems, driving increased costs, and reducing efficiency and productivity.

The solution

Unifying the US Air Force’s many data sources

We transformed the complicated into an organized, intuitive experience tailored to the individual user. Leveraging a reusable framework, we unified numerous legacy systems into an authoritative data warehouse, allowing us to rapidly deploy over 100 releases in the last 10 years. The end result? A more efficient, effective and standardized Air Force.