Transforming a lifestyle brand

Transforming a lifestyle brand

Tivity Health

We transformed Tivity Health’s SilverSneakers fitness program for seniors into a lifestyle brand.

The results

Using proprietary Emotional Science techniques, we increased the number of SilverSneakers sign-ups by 102% within 12 months.

The challenge

Empower seniors to stay active and fit.

Tivity Health wanted to increase new enrollments, increase member engagement and member advocacy for their SilverSneakers fitness program. With 13.5 million Americans eligible for the program, it was vital for Tivity to not only understand their target segments but also where, and how, to reach them at crucial touchpoints.

The solution

Transforming a lifestyle brand for active older adults.

Isobar identified six different senior age segments and three of them presented the greatest growth opportunity. Algorithms were built to identify segments in key databases, such as Facebook.

Neuroscience-based research identified the underlying motivations which drive participation in fitness programs. The idea was to leverage the ethos around the motivation force of Empowerment and the fundamental belief that “you can do it!”

The Isobar team developed the creative campaigns, and we tested the content using Isobar's MindSight tool, and biometrics analysis, to maximise engagement and optimise message delivery.