Making the case for VR

Making the case for VR

Lionsgate Films/Unity

How emotional science led to a new VR ad experience that’s more than a feeling

The results

Emotional responses to a 30-second trailer resulted in a 70% completion rate, 6 times higher than skippable video benchmarks

The challenge

How do we measure the effectiveness of virtual and augmented reality experience for brands?

Virtual or augmented reality applications almost always have an impact on users, but due to their immersive nature, particularly with VR, measuring their effectiveness can be difficult. Isobar recently partnered with Unity, the leading game engine in the marketplace, and Lionsgate Films to create the first VR-based advertisement for Unity’s ad network. Our job was to help measure the experience and quantify the investment required by brands who aim to reach next generation of users.

The solution

Isobar’s award-winning VR and AR analytics platform taps into user emotions to measure effectiveness.

Isobar’s VR and AR analytics platform was designed from the ground up to track, record and process both behavioral and biometric data of users. Frame by frame, it watches and reports back to help us identify user experience stumbling blocks. In addition, the biometric data allows us to measure emotional reactions like happiness or fear. For Lionsgate Films’ Jigsaw we were able to prove that things worked better than expected and that the VR experience ruled over the more traditional 2D online video trailer.