Understanding Disabilities

Understanding Disabilities

Common Ground

Creating an experience that gives a glimpse into how various disabilities impact everyday life.

The results

An immersive VR experience giving greater understanding of living with a disability.

The challenge

How do we create an enriching perspective to those without disability?

Living with a condition such as vision impairments impacts even the smallest aspects of every day life. Though able bodied individuals can be sympathetic, empathy for another’s perspective is quite hard to develop. With a lack of tools, especially in the research space, to truly see life from another being’s perspective, it is no wonder why biases exist in design.

The solution

Simulate in first person perspective the daily life of those living with disability.

If only for a moment, what if we gave the world an enriching perspective. While words only do so much to explain a perspective, VR gives users a first hand account. The strength of leveraging VR in research processes is the ability for the technology to help the user develop empathy. The experience Isobar designed, allows an able-bodied user to experience three conditions in the midst of an ordinary life activity—grocery shopping.