Isobar and Firstborn Launch a Re-Imagined Tauck.com


Isobar and Firstborn Launch a Re-Imagined Tauck.com

Tauck is a luxury travel company that delivers life-enriching travel experiences to every corner of the globe, both direct to consumer and through travel agents. Their name is synonymous with trust and high quality and their customer base is comprised mainly of highly affluent, older guests. Tauck was looking for a way to appeal to a younger audience and multi-generational families, while at the same time inspiring their existing guests to continue traveling with Tauck and also increase Word of Mouth -- Tauck’s most powerful and effective demand generation tactic. Their web presence was woefully outdated, uninspiring and extremely difficult to use. It not only didn’t convey the “immersive, transformative travel experiences” that Tauck provides to its guests, but also didn’t allow for any emotional connection with the products.

So, in October 2016, a combined Firstborn and Isobar team took on the challenge of re-imagining tauck.com to increase brand engagement and ultimately result in lead generation and increased conversion. While online booking is the next phase of their experience-led digital transformation process, the newly launched website’s key goals are for guests to be able to request a quote or brochure, download tour details or request a call from a Tauck reservation agent.

The scope of the project included the complete redesign of the dot-com site as well as a complex customer and travel agent-facing system called Guest Connect/Agent Connect. Guest/Agency Connect is where users can manage their reservations, organize pre-travel planning and encourage post-tour community engagement through content and functionality that proactively anticipates their needs. In order to enable the new guest experience, the site technical architecture required a serious overhaul, including upgrading the existing sitecore content management system to a newer version, ground up redesign of their content architecture and authoring interfaces and a new responsive React-based front end. The new contemporary architecture not only provides for flexibility in site modularity, simplified production deployment pipeline, comprehensive instrumentation and telemetry via GTM and Sitecore XDB, but also sets the stage for the next huge evolution:online booking.

Tauck.com now offers the most immersive, engaging and interactive digital experience in the industry, including competitors Abercrombie & Kent and Kensington Tours. Its most notable and differentiating features include:

  • Dynamic digital brochure generation

  • Interactive itineraries

  • Real time quotes

  • Custom tour content including what to pack, when to innoculate, where you can stay pre/post tour

  • Rich post-travel community engagement through reviews and testimonials

Firstborn owned the UX, Creative and front end development while Isobar owned the functional design, technical architecture, back end Sitecore development and Quality Assurance. The tireless and dedicated team worked for over two years to yield the impressive experience that we can now see at www.tauck.com. While the site has only recently gone live, we expect significantly higher engagement, conversion and lead generation. Stay tuned for an amazing story of business results as we release more features and monitor the site’s performance. This blended Isobar & Firstborn team is a true testament of the strength that we can deliver as one. We could not have been successful without the contribution of each and everyone on this amazing team!

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