Digital Strength Index: U.S. Hotels Report Published


Digital Strength Index: U.S. Hotels Report Published

Isobar and alpha-DNA have published our second peer group analysis, evaluating U.S. hotels, as part of our Digital Strength Index (DSI). The DSI was created on the hypothesis that digital strength is a leading indicator of revenue, which ultimately leads to shareholder value. Armed with the hypothesis that the stock market was undervaluing digital, Isobar and alpha-DNA sought to create the largest known repository of digital data on U.S. companies.

So how does this pertain to the hotel industry? Here are a just a few of our key findings:

* There's Marriot and then there's everybody else. Marriot is dominating across the board in terms of magnitude and momentum.
* Hyatt lagging in digital is a weakness that likely hurts its long-term growth prospects.
* Among smaller players, Choice Hotels digital velocity likely points to future out-performance relative to Extended Stay.

Download the U.S. hotel industry report here.

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