We see the popularity of voice platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri as the first step into a new world where natural interfaces to technology start to find ubiquity. From home automation to personal assistants, we’re constantly exploring new ways to engage with consumers

Voice technology is fundamentally changing the way we search. As consumers become used to having conversations with assistants, searches will likely become more conversational -- we’re already seeing an increase in questions as part of search phrasing. This development will make natural language search increasingly important.

Voice technology allows brands to have their ‘own voice’ for the first time. A literal voice, not a figurative one.  In this new world, brands will be forced to consider what they should sound like. This presents a great opportunity, but also a challenge.  A challenge that we’re keen to help brands solve.

As the world of chatbots, digital assistants and smart speakers rapidly matures, Isobar remains focused on creating practical experiences that drive digital transformation and reach consumers in meaningful and effective ways. 

The journey of Voice is just beginning and as the technology evolves, we’ll be sure to stay one step ahead.


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