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At Isobar, we also integrate MindSight® with our biometric capabilities to gain additional emotional insights. These methods involve capturing synchronized, moment-to-moment psychophysiological metrics across multiple expressive channels to create a comprehensive picture of how a branded experience or marketing communication affects the emotional brain. This, in turn, provides guidance for fine-tuning communications to optimize their emotional impact, for example:

Was the overall impact of the experience positive or negative, and to what degree? At which point in the experience did stress and frustration peak? Did the audience notice what we wanted them to see or were they distracted by irrelevant material? Did the experience generate any unwanted side effects, e.g., over- stimulation, confusion? Was the emotional experience consistent with intent and branding?

We measure four emotional constructs:

Emotional Arousal using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Electrodermal Activity (EDA), where we non-invasively measure changes in heart rate and skin conductance, respectively.

Emotional Valence using EEG (measuring Left-Right asymmetry in brain wave patterns linked to positive and negative emotions), facial EMG (measures subcutaneous changes in facial muscles linked to positive and negative emotions), and AI-driven Facial Coding.

Focus of Attention using eye tracking (ET).

Emotional Meaning with our emotion science techniques, MindSight Motivational Profiling and Experiential Discovery.