Virtual Air Pump

Virtual Air Pump


Year 2014 is a tough one for Taiwan, suffering Sunflower Student Movement, food safety incidents and many other social affairs. As a famous a local beverage brand with a 90 years history, how could Heysong cheer Taiwanese people up in this time?

The results

With only six days of media exposure, we earned 175,553 clicks which is 2.3 times higher than original expected of 75,000. More than of participants used Line to share.

The challenge

How to make Heysong campaign stand out at the year-end?

With the continuous innovation of digital devices, performance of traditional New Year E-cards is no longer effective. Considering that, Heysong is looking for a novel way to wish its customers and employees a happy new year.

The solution

Virtual Air Pump, sending blessing by interactive mobile game

First create an air pump on your mobile phone, then shake it. The faster you shake it, the hyper the song gets. Spinning around your mobile phone will twist open the soda to get blessing. People are cheer us up via interesting interaction games and sending and receiving wishes.