Family’s  Secrets

Family’s Secrets


The undoubted truth reveals that every man with baldness problem is definitely coming from a family of thinning hair.

The results

After the campaign launched,

The consumers’ interest of Regaine has been increased by 315%

The interest of germinal product has been raised by 86%

The challenge

We want to make men believe hair loss is hereditary and Regaine is the best solution for them


Due to different level of hair losing, Man tries to find different solutions online.

Finding 2:

Lots of men don’t know hair loss is hereditary.

The solution

By TVC/OTV“Family’s Secrets”, we broke the myth, pointed the core reason of hair loss is hereditary out.

We created 3 social contents to deeply communicate the insights and deliver the different one based on user’s hair losing level.


In the end, we guided them to the campaign site for a quick test and face the truth of hereditary hair loss.