The Chill Booth

The Chill Booth

F&N Seasons

A vending machine that lets you pay with a smile.

The results

Over 50,000 products sampled. Over 1.4 million impressions on Facebook. 18% incremental sales.

The challenge

Capturing fast-moving millennials

F&N wanted to drive brand engagement and trials amongst millennials with their launch of a new flavour - The Ice PassionFruit Green Tea.

Sampling amongst this target segment is tough as millennials do not want to be associated with an activity like queueing up for free samples, which is deemed as uncool.

Furthermore, F&N is a very well established brand which is also commonly perceived as an aging brand amongst millennials.

Responding to the high-stress and fast-moving lifestyle of Singaporean millennials, we decided to create a playful challenge in order to capture their attention and improve brand perception.

The solution

Rewarding every smile with a free drink.

Using facial tracking technology, we hacked into one of F&N's own vending machine and brought a playful and endearing robotic arm to life.

It challenged millennials to keep smiling till it finishes picking out a free can of the PassionFruit Green Tea for them. The catch? If they stopped smiling, it would too. 

The millennials loved it, turning up in droves to accept the challenge. In some cases, their friends were even caught trying to sabotage their attempts to get a free drink. Throughout the sampling event period, the millennials kept requesting for the vending machine to be kept on past the event closure time. An unprecedented occurrence for a simple sampling event.

This playful use of technology turned a standard sampling event into a delightful and memorable branded experience all while getting the product into the hands of the millennials.