Rockstar Yourself

Rockstar Yourself


An Intel TVC with a guest rockstar... yourself.

The results

150,000 TVCs personalised online.
Avg time spent on site - 7mins

The challenge

Creating Rockstars

Perceived predominantly as a computer chip manufacturer operating in the B2B space, most consumers did not really know much or care about the brand.

To solve this problem and to increase consumer preference for Intel Based technology, Intel created Rockstars of Tomorrow in which their employees starred as quirky and unique rockstars that were unlike any other rockstars. 

With the extension into online space, our challenge was to use the core campaign assets in a way that made it even more relevant to consumers. 

We leveraged advanced technology from Japan to achieve this.

The solution

Rockstar Yourself

We took their popular TVC and gave it advanced 3 dimensional face mapping capabilities online.

Uploading a simple photo of yourself instantly transformed you into a unique and quirky rockstar unlike any other with your own claim to fame.

Visitors became the hero in the Intel TVC and were stunned by how lifelike their online avatar appeared.

The quirky and humorous nature of the film also turned it into highly shareable content.

The campaign which was launched in India became so organically viral that it was covered by major news channels.