Swarm, Share, Save

Swarm, Share, Save


The world’s first social-commerce group buying platform.

The results

Total visits for the first Swarm were 73% over benchmarks, instantly selling out a week's stock for Dell.

The challenge

Help Dell and Intel revolutionise their online retail model.

For large purchases, Singaporeans believe that brick and mortar retailers allow them to negotiate a better deal, and online purchases are simply riskier. However, a surprising consumer trend in China saw that social networks were being used to “crowdsource” other potential purchasers of big-ticket items to save money. This then gave us the insight to create a co-branded swarm to bring customers together and offer better discounts.

The solution

Empowering buyers to crowdsource group discounts through social media

It was a simple idea, enabling people to come together, spread the word, and enjoy great deals when they bought online with their friends. 

Users could join a current Swarm or suggest a new Swarm on the website. Within 48 hours, when enough people had signed up, the Swarm went live and they could confirm the order.

To get the maximum discount, they could grow the Swarm by sharing it with friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. So the more buyers there were, the less everyone paid.