Find the right tool for you

Our proprietary applied neuroscience product, MindSight®, uncovers the emotions that allow us to decode complex human responses and generate actionable insights. MindSight® targets the WHY behind the choices we make. It’s what drives consumers to try a new product, to choose one brand over another, or to keep watching an ad.

There are several MindSight® tools that can help reach your goals depending on your needs. Not sure which is the best fit? Let’s discuss a solution that’s just right.

MindSight® Motivational Profiling
Reveals emotional drivers that trigger consumer behaviours and ultimately, purchases. By targeting aspirations and frustrations, MindSight® provides critical insights for marketing to emotional end benefits. Motivational Profiling is the tool for:
•  Identifying the key emotions that motivate your targets or segments to act.
•  Tailoring your marketing efforts to speak to specific emotions that resonate with your audience.

MindSight® Experiential Discovery 
Reveals the desired or expected emotional experiences in the moment of consumption.
Experiential Discovery is the tool for:
•  Understanding how consumers actually experience your brand in-the-moment Identifying the emotional associations that your product or service naturally elicits, and whether they reflect your brand strategy.

MindSight® Distinctive Brand Assets 
Objectively measures the strength of association of every brand asset to inform packaging, branding, and trademarking decisions. 
Distinctive Brand Assets is the tool for:
•  Determining the value of each of your brand assets (i.e., fonts, colours, shapes, logos, symbols, etc.)
Determining the which assets are essential for immediately identifying the brand, and should be legally protected most aggressively.

MindSight® Brand Personality 
Measures the key dimensions of brand personality with image sets linked to personality archetypes. 
Brand Personality is the tool for:
•  Identifying the differentiating personality dimensions of a brand.
Providing cues to consumers about a brand’s degree of fit to their own self-concepts and values.