Winter dreams

Winter dreams

Kia Motors Sweden

Kia dreams of winter and gets nominated in the Swedish Design Awards 2018.

The results

The numbers are in and it´s a crowd pleaser. Liking, preference and attention are on all-time-highs and more than half the population remember the campaign! Winter dreams is yet another important piece to the puzzle in our long-term partnership with Kia, with the goal to firmly plant the brand on the Swedish auto map.

The challenge

Position Kia Sportage in the increasingly competitive SUV segment.

We wanted to present Sportage as a cross-country car, perfectly adapted for active familys and harsh Swedish winters.

The solution

The visually driven idea shows the car's design elements in a spectacular way, while the frozen darkness and treacherous roads of the Swedish winter puts the car's abilities to the test.

The integrated campaign consisted of movies adapted for both television and social media. A campaign site, print materials, banners and newsletters formed a campaign with the ability to stand out in the ever-increasing media blizzard of today.

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