Plug-in Hybridkollen

Plug-in Hybridkollen

Kia Motors Sweden

When Kia launched its first models with plug-in hybrid technology, we created a content driven website to create awareness and thought leadership.

The results

Time spent on the webiste was over three minutes per session.

The challenge

In 2017 Kia launched its two firs plug-in hybrids on the Swedish market. Even though interest and sales ad increased compared to competitors, it turned out that there was still questions and a need for more knowledge on plug-in hybrids and company cars. Kia, as a new player in the segment, needed help creating awareness and establishing thought leadership.

The solution

In 2017 Isobar and Kia launched Plug-In Hybridkollen. A microsite on kia.com packed with information on all things plug-in hybrid, created to educate the target group who was in need of more information and useful tips on choosing a plug-in hybrid.

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