Move in together with Laila & Hassan

Move in together with Laila & Hassan


We created a service that helps and aids everyone who are about to move. Two charismatic senior citizen became spokespersons for the campaign.

The results

Almost 12% of those who visited the sign up page became Fortum customers.

The challenge

As long as you have electricity, you are not really concerned about how it works or which provider you have. That is why most people just pick a provider and then stick to it. There is however one occasion when people tend to think a little bit more about their electricity plan, and that is when they are about to move.

The solution

We created a site full of tips and advice on everything related to moving. Among other things you are able to create a personal checklist that generates reminders throughout the process of moving, thus ensuring that you won’t forget anything. In order to generate interest we created an advertising campaign that revolved around two retired lovebirds: Laila and Hassan. After being single for some time, they had fallen in love and where now about to move in together. Fortum arranged for them to meet an array of experts that gave them advice and tips throughout their process of moving. The result was a campaign with a warm an human touch that both met the expectations of the client and offered a moving narrative about love.