Move green with Laila & Hassan

Move green with Laila & Hassan


We had launched a service that helps people who are about to move house. In phase two we made it fully eco-friendly with the help of Laila & Hassan.

The results

16% who visited the sign up page converted online.

The challenge

We had created a service, a site, full of tips, tricks and a personal checklist related to moving, since that is more or less the only occasion when people tend to think a little bit more about their electricity plan. When Fortum launched the new branding platform with sustainability in focus – ”Join the change” – we needed to incorporate that in the service and within the advertising concept.

The solution

We worked with a sustainable expert to make the move service as eco-friendly as possible. Each step in the process, from cleaning the old home in a green way to choose solar energy in your new one. Laila and Hassan, the two retired lovebirds, brought out the new green message in their warm and charismatic way. Ten short films focusing on ten eco-friendly moving tips ran online and in social media.