Funny Friends of Fanta

Funny Friends of Fanta


We gave the funniest influencers in Sweden the brief “Create a sketch including Fanta, make it hilariously funny, but do it your own way”.

The results

Sales increased 24%, repeat rate 15% and brand love 7,6 % compare to the year before.

The challenge

Fanta is a brand for teens. And it needs to be seen as bold, creative and fun by them to increase brand love and in the end sales. But how do you make it happen during the summer – the most important sales period? How do you get their attention at all, and how do you tap in to their world while they are at the beach or living their busy social media life where they only see or interact with stuff they really like?

The solution

In order to win the teen’s hearts, we needed to create a relevant connection and communicate to them on their own conditions. What do they think is bold, creative and fun? Well, there are many up and coming comedians in the social world. Influencers have their own humor and style, but who are loved just therefor. Let Fanta enter into that world and be a part of it. We created: THE FUNNY FRIENDS OF FANTA. We gave the funniest influencers on Instagram in Sweden plenty of Fanta and the brief “Create a sketch including Fanta, but the most important thing: do it your own way. Free hands.” And wow, did it take off!

The participating influencers were
Johanna Nordström
Filip Dikmen
Jonas Fagerström
Humortrion I Just Want To Be Cool