From here to proximity

From here to proximity


“From here to proximity” dramatize the benefits of having an insurance company with a local presence, the campaign was adapted to fit different target groups.

The results

The five films we created were directed at different audiences to ensured the message was relevant to the target groups. Research showed that we got better attention values with targeted messages than with generic ones.

The challenge

Länsförsäringar wanted to make a campaign based on the payoff "Come Closer", which dramatized the advantage of having an insurance company with local presence. The challenge was to make a national campaign from a big brand, which in a credible manner talked about the benefits of closeness.

The solution

The basic idea was that the benefits of proximity are different for different people. While young people may think that quick and smooth response in digital channels creates a close relationship, older generations may be more interested in proximity to a physical outlet. Based on a solid planning work we divided Länsförsäkringar audience in five main segments, with the geographical segments. From this, we developed five different films that spoke to the different segments. We also created digital units that could be adapted for geographic relevance.