VTB - the Story of One Rally

VTB - the Story of One Rally


Within 3 sports special projects we’ve exercised creative approach to telling the story of sponsorship activity of VTB – one of the biggest state banks in Russia. This issue was about KAMAZ-Master team.

The results

163% of new readers in Sports section at VTB Russia website.
11,5 minutes - the average time spent on the site.
14 pages visit depth.

The challenge

To burst out a leisure interest

To tell the audience of about the achievements of the legendary Rally team KAMAZ-Master sponsored by VTB.

To build VTB image as modern socially active brand.

The solution

Execution of special project with the same duration as the rally.

We transformed people’s relations with bank service and created a special long read full of exciting interactive and colorful graphics, which was updated during the rally. It was merely the first banking document read from the very beginning till the end.