Chupa Paparazzi

Chupa Paparazzi

Chupa Chups

What do Chupa Chups lovers and Rio-2 movie fans have in common? It’s an opportunity to get gifts for playing at the website of Chupa paparazzi!

The results

1 500 000 game launches within 3 months of promo campaign. 200 000 unique registered users. More than 160 000 active players. More than 5 minutes – average time of active session.

The challenge

To use digital tools to integrate the brand into the movie.

To increase loyalty of target audience – kids from 7 to 12 years old.

The solution

Web site became the platform for integration. According to activation rules a pair of game rivals was chosen at random. Players had to find and «take a picture» of as much heroes of Rio- 2 and Chupa Chups candies as possible to earn virtual money – chupiks and to claim major prize – iPhone 5.