The game Lyubimaya Malyutka 2.0 launched


The game Lyubimaya Malyutka 2.0 launched

Nutricia Russia and AdWatch Isobar presented the second part of the game Lyubimaya Malyutka, which became the real hit in Odnoklassniki social network last year. New animated application received a title Lyubimaya Malyutka 2.0.

The project is dedicated to important aspects of nutrition and healthy growth of the baby after the age of 1 year. Thanks to the application, parents can get useful information about the right ration for the baby after the age of 1 year, including information about products under the Baby brand: Baby Milk 3 for baby nutrition from the age of 12 months and Baby Milk 4 from the age of 18 months. An updated game simulator represents the entire world with broad opportunities: you can feed the baby, wash, change his clothes and get him to bed. Users can also play with him, for example, do puzzle, stacking toys, sorter or read a book.

Colorful and convenient interface, animation and audio feedback make the app especially attractive for mothers. Great number of play activities was added with appropriate content about harmonious baby development, opportunity to get an expert recommendation about nutrition and to learn more about brand products and promotional offers.

«Lyubimaya Malyutka was very popular in 2014 among our target audience. It was installed over 1 million times, 60 % of the downloading was organic. That was the reason why this year we decided to launch a game follow-up for another product line. Game mechanics is rather simple and exciting at the same time and information about products is truly native» - says Yana Raskladka, Group Account Director of Adwatch isobar.


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