Vodafone Romania

Our challenge was to transform MyVodafone from a basic mobile app to the main self-service channel for all Vodafone customers.

The results

After launch the results were impressive

3 times more unique visitors in 3 months

50% more logins

40% more bill payments

20% more recharges


And the best part? Customers got our message loud and clear.

With MyVodafone, you’re always in control.

The challenge

The Challenge

We started by looking at the customers’ needs - simple solutions for  everyday tasks:


I want to recharge my mom’s phone quickly!

I don’t want to hold for Customer Support.

How much do I have to pay?



The solution

The idea

Our solution: We have recreated the whole MyVodafone experience

Smart, intuitive, better!

Users get tutorials for new features

Smart Dashboard where the content adapts to the customer profile

Different content is shown based on user profile: Prepaid/ Postpaid/ Anonymous

Users can pay bills in just 2 easy steps

They can also recharge their phone in a snap

Online assistance

Users can use Vodafone FAQ or Call Center