Kinecto Isobar launches the Corruption Museum of Romania


Kinecto Isobar launches the Corruption Museum of Romania

Romanian digital marketing agency Kinecto Isobar tackled one of the most important issues of the economic and politic life in Romania: corruption. The Corruption Museum was launched on the Museum's Night and can be visited online on It hosts a Bribes' Gallery, where you can see illustrations of the most famous bribes in Romania, and the Bribes' Test, where you can put your corruption knowledge up to test.

The project focuses on one of the most frequent corruption acts in Romania: bribe.

“Some bribes are so incredible, that you can't really tell if they're true or fictional: from millions of euros to a sheep or... mineral water. The insignificant value of some bribes and the perseverance to take bribe, although there are daily news on people arrested for that, were an alarm signal for as: bribe is a lifestyle", said Denisa Armasu, Senior Copywriter - Kinecto Isobar.

On website, people can find illustrated both real bribes and fictional ones and they can check, this way, if the imagination of the elected representatives went further than the creativity of the team behind the project. To create the museum, the creatives from Kinecto Isobar analyzed tens of bribery cases to pick up the most incredible ones: Bribe in the Cemetery, Paintings and Ingots, Bridge in the Ditch village, to name only a few.

The museum can be also visited virtually, in a video 360° on YouTube , with the experience available from the mobile phone and desktop. More pieces of information can be found on the Museum’s Facebook page.

The Museum of Corruption is supported by Nicusor Dan, who is running for mayor of Bucharest, and the Union Save Bucharest.

The teams that created the museum are made of: Denisa Armasu – senior copywriter, Silvia Marinescu – copywriter, Ioana Oprica - copywriter, Olivia Pop - copywriter, Alexandra Cirstean “Kadna” – illustrator, Marius Vlad – senior art director, Madalina State – account manager, Oana Pohrib – community manager, Alexei Marasteanu – senior programmer, Laura Ulea – deputy managing director (from Kinecto Isobar), Carmen Simion – new business director - Dentsu Aegis Network, Radu Ionescu - COO Dentsu Aegis Network, Daniel Toma – web developer, Iustin Vadana – managing partner Land of Web, with the support from iProspect and Carat, part of Dentsu Aegis Network.

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