Isobar and Greenpeace use music to protect Romania’s forests


Isobar and Greenpeace use music to protect Romania’s forests

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are home to 13,000 animal species and are the biggest area of temperate primary forests outside of Russia. However, over the past century, more than 2.7m hectares of deforestation have devastated Romania’s forests. In Romania and throughout Europe, primary and old-growth forests are scarce, with few being protected by law.

To educate people on the importance of Romania’s forests, Isobar Romania and environmental organisation Greenpeace Romania have launched a music album recorded using the unique sounds of the forest, together with a video by leading rock band Coma. The album, called “UNCUT”, includes 23 songs which are free to listen to and download, also giving people the option to buy to support Greenpeace’s efforts.

The campaign and video was launched at Coma’s live shows in Bucharest, and the campaign also included digital out of home placements which played the natural sounds of the forest to raise further awareness.

Discussing the campaign, Laura Bîrzu, Managing Director, Isobar Romania, said, “This is a very important project to us because the cause is very dear to our hearts. The Romanian forests are a sacred place, and a legacy to generations to come and we must do what we can to preserve them. Together with Greenpeace and our partners, we want to raise awareness about the importance of our forests and encourage many more to join the cause.”

Silvia Marinescu, Creative Strategist, Isobar Romania, said, “People love the quiet of the forest, they go there to unwind and to take a break. But the forest isn’t actually quiet, there is a soundtrack to the bustling forest life. We don't want this song to disappear, so we created, and we hope to make Romanian primary forests heard, understood and ultimately protected. Through this project, we urge people to understand the importance of Romania’s forests, and for Government officials to take action.

To find out more about the campaign, listen to the album and to learn about the importance of Romania’s forests, click here.


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