Secil website

Secil website


We made Secil into a brand where cement and its derivatives appear transformed into products connected to an aesthetic avant-garde, technological innovation and customer service.

The results

secilpro.com is the current benchmark category for professionals in Portugal

The challenge

Simplifying complexity, enriching experience

Secil sells at least 178 products spread across 20 categories and 72 subcategories. Its target group is mostly professional, already dominating certain technical aspects of the products but lacking help in taking full advantage of the offer. The challenge of this project is to develop an integrated digital platform for the commercially effective dissemination of the products and solutions of the Secil Group.

The solution

The user is the platform centre

The navigation was developed through a circular model. Each user is used as an axis of interests and decisions that lead him to moving from content to content as quickly as possible, being in accordance with his needs. At the same time, we present imaging, text and UX processing quality only comparable to other product categories associated with far greater sophistication by the general public. To complete the circularity of experience and strengthen it, we have developed a professional usage App for smartphones.