Pestana website

Pestana website


We and all future clients went with Pestana Group to the most beautiful places in the world

The results

The Pestana Group digital platform is now a category reference point in Portugal

The challenge

Adding value to the varied Pestana Group offer, enriching the commercial capital of each brand

Pestana Group, the largest tourism group in Portugal, needed to develop 4 different websites, while establishing relationships among them within the Group's strategy. Each of the websites should respect the identity and business concept of the private brand, and the group had to seem unified in what concerned the Pestana brand. Each channel needed to provide an environment that promoted the contents immersion and purchasing appeal.

The solution

The desire to leave arises when one sees further

The digital platform development strategy has been based on the proposed destinations immersion quality experience for all operation segments, as seen on the excellence service Pestana Group sells. It needed to provide a browsing experience that combined impact and visual appeal with the cognitive easiness of making a purchase decision. This balance between motivation and information achieves its maximum effectiveness with the intrinsic service quality of the Pestana Group.