Novabase website

Novabase website


We became Novabase fans and we were inspired by their culture for the brand’s new digital platform

The results

The Novabase website offers a complete experience immersed in their commercial values and offer

The challenge

To create a new Novabase website is to be happy

Novabase is the largest Portuguese technologies and information systems company. With over 2400 employees with 17 different nationalities, with projects in 35 countries spread throughout 4 continents and seven time zones, the definition and promotion of its culture is a key element of the brand’s business and communication strategies. The new digital platform would have to be a perfect mirror of its identity and dimension.

The solution

The best design is always a tangent to happiness

The challenge of organizing the company’s different types of information, and presenting it within the brand’s values, generated the development of a unique graphic language. Within it, the offer of visual and verbally stimulating content intersects with the simplicity of a navigation that is more intuitive and as fluid as possible. The result is an environment of the brand’s expression where users can feel the human dimension of Novabase technologies.