My design by MO

My design by MO


We challenged MO fans to create an original piece of clothing intended to be sold in brand-name stores, practically without disclosing the challenge outside of Facebook.

The results

8316 pieces were created
57,537 individual users
70,221 votes
338,897 page views
57,000 euros in average earnings (estimated)

The challenge

Engage and boost the MO fan community on Facebook

MO is a new national brand, born as the important evolution of Modalfa, which has a Design & Product Development team that is 100% Portuguese to create their exclusive collections. In the affirmation stage of its new identity, the relationship with a younger public and further digitization is crucial to the growth and strengthening of its power to attract.

The solution

Transforming MO fans into fashion designers

“My design by MO” consisted of a digital platform where participants could create as many clothes as they wanted from the brand base elements. These pieces could then be shared and voted on by other participants and users. The event, with a duration of one month, was reported only on Facebook and an Isobar newsletter.  All initial expectations were exceeded two more (likes and visitors) and up to eight times (created pieces) more.