FFMS website

FFMS website

Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos

FFMS needed a new digital platform for an ever-changing present, and we have created a digital platform for such present and future.

The challenge

Getting FFMS to monitor the digital ecosystem growth

In 2008, when the first FFMS website was launched, Internet usage in Portugal was below 50%. By 2015, it was at 70% and growing. FFMS needed a new platform, capable of responding to the size, demands and complexity growth of its digital ecosystem. This platform had to ensure an architecture and robustness able to keep up with the forecasts of years to come, providing the tools to efficiently and effectively adapt itself.

The solution

Include in the FFMS digital platform, in addition to innovative solutions, an innovation culture

Concentrate the digital communication resources, assume the contents primacy, and understand each user as a social network active part were the main objectives. The content management was made easy, becoming versatile and intuitive with the inclusion of different editorial modules. Moreover the functional division between “website” and “blog”, able to browse with a single button, is at the editorial performance and innovation service, creating a contents assimilation powerful experience for readers.