We took the CIN CHROMAGUIDE fan deck and led it to a new dimension, having also strengthened the brand’s leadership at the national and international levels

The results

Thousands of professionals and lovers of colour rely on the CIN CHROMAGUIDE for their painting

The challenge

Create a digital version of the CIN CHROMAGUIDE, adding value

CIN is the Iberian leader in the paints and varnishes market, going through an international expansion phase of the brand. In this context, it is necessary to strengthen the offer of instruments that promote their acceptance in markets where there is a strong “do it yourself” culture in relation to work at home. The paper version of the fan deck presents 1650 unique CIN colours, corresponding to a complete chromatic range and optimized for indoor use.

The solution

More than a CIN colour, each colour in the CHROMAGUIDE belongs to whoever uses it

For its digital version, it was a concern to present the 1650 colours of the fan deck in a way that would allow its intuitive use for all CHROMAGUIDE users, whichever the screen format. At the same time, the instrument would have to be technically sophisticated to allow the exploration of capabilities concerning the browsing, comparison, studying, archiving and sharing of chromatic options available in an amateur or professional context. The final result corresponds to the transformation of CHROMAGUIDE into a real multi-purpose application.