When the Law Becomes Interesting


When the Law Becomes Interesting

Innovation is not the strong suit of most corporate websites. And the more ‘corporately serious’ a sector is, the more generic and uninteresting the website may tend to be.

But when you partner with a top-notch law firm, when you work tightly together to define the marketing communication objectives, the client journey and the firm’s positioning, you often end up with a solution that breaks this boredom trend. The new Miranda website is such a case. The original graphic design elegantly mirrors the unparalleled experience and excellence of this outstanding law firm. The highly interactive navigation system walks the visitor along his or her geographic and legal areas of interest, using state-of-the-art responsive solutions that guarantee the same rich experience no matter what device is in use. We’re very proud of it. So, you may go ahead and sue us, but we’ll just develop more features…


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