Vaqueiro – a 90-years-young Brand


Vaqueiro – a 90-years-young Brand

Any nonagenarian brand is very impressive per se: if nothing else, it has managed to survive, grow and thrive through some of the most cataclysmic decades in “Brand History”.

And as far as traditional margarine brands go, Vaqueiro is a pure Portuguese gem that takes us time-travelling to Grandmother Recipes, Mum-cooked dinners, Aunty-Specialty-Cakes and more endearing memories than we could possibly list here.

When Vaqueiro commissioned Isobar to create the online space for their 90-year celebrations, we went down a memory-lane vortex into vintage land, with such a wealth in content that we felt challenged by the selection process.

The result is a complete, illustrated and interactive timeline where we learn the origins of the 1927 Brand (a direct translation from the Dutch original “Cowherd”), we get to see the public announcement (and apology) for the interruption in supply caused by WWII, we take delight in the hundreds of housewife letters published in the 1940’s and 50’s print ads (with their author’s mugshots!), and marvel at the dozens of browsable vintage TV commercials and time-honoured tips and tricks.

All-in-all, deliciously current!


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