“Paid-to-Play”: How Isobar Portugal May Have Found an Ideal “Business Model”


“Paid-to-Play”: How Isobar Portugal May Have Found an Ideal “Business Model”

Some claim that the key to happiness is to find your inner child. Well, we’re now basically paid to do that. Since Fisher-Price appointed us to manage their social media communities from February 1st 2017, we are taking very seriously what others call ‘child’s play’. As a matter of fact, nothing could be more serious: Fisher-Price values and Brand personality have to shine through every post, every picture, every comment, and that requires focus, attention, great care – and caring.

But what really tilted that particular seesaw our way, was the content optimization system we proposed: the built-in KPI’s that will allow us to measure precisely what kind of content works better with whom and at what time, turning content generation into a continuously improving process that ties-in directly with results!

Having said that, we are still paid to play, so the whole team is quite happy (and we’ve come to find quite a lot of inner “lost-children”).


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