Mastercard, Masterchoice


Mastercard, Masterchoice

A small change in legislation that causes a slight alteration in POS interface, that causes a little shift in customer perception, that has a ripple effect in how sales are processed, and ultimately the bottom line may be affected. This is the kind of domino-effect challenge that businesses need to address regularly these days. It is also the kind of challenge where creative, results-driven solutions of the kind we implement can be introduced to make a difference. We always prefer a business challenge to a communications brief, since that allows us to think of business results as the ultimate goal, and to design solutions with that goal in mind. Such was the case with Mastercard.

From business challenge to activation approach, through behavioural analysis to promotional strategy and mechanics, followed by a full-blown campaign to back it up, along with built-in metrics to sustain and fine-tune it. We developed the concept, devised the promotional mechanics, designed the website and generated and produced all digital creative materials. "Escolha Mastercard" was thus born, and its results are already making quite a few cash registers ring...


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