Mara Barros: Sunny Prospects vs Murdering Looks


Mara Barros: Sunny Prospects vs Murdering Looks

Mara Barros is a new secret weapon at Isobar Portugal. Secretive by nature – drawing her out is harder than getting a politician to tell the truth – and secret because we’re still finding higher skills on a daily basis.

While she hates talking about herself, her work speaks volumes for her. She likes the sun, the heat and the light. She favours simple, elegant lines, and the luminous golden sliver that a bit of back sunlight draws upon loose hair as she frames and shoots her ubiquitous Canon. She’s a designer through love, and a passionate photographer. Self-taught in both instances, for one learns a lot more by living than by memorizing theories. She’s a Hip-Hop listener, bios reader, sci-fi watcher and fine wine drinker.

Used to waste a lot of energy on petty little hates, but now will shoot you on sight with her eyes if you show yourself as a hater. And believe us, Mara has an armour-piercing, 50-cal, chill-inducing gaze if she sets her mind to it. Ways to avoid said murdering look include good food, good wine and good friends. Sadly, only during the Summer, since she tends to hibernate on colder days. It’s a good thing we only have about seventy-five of those on any average year…


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