Controlauto - Brand New Inspection Standards


Controlauto - Brand New Inspection Standards

As in most European countries, our cars need to be taken through a compulsory periodic inspection - an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required for all vehicles over three years old. Nobody enjoys the experience, but most people acknowledge that it is for the greater good, road safety being a universal concern.
Controlauto, a market leader in car inspections, is one of our historic Clients. An outstanding relationship that nurtures proactivity on both sides, it led to new beginnings as far as the brand was concerned:
What started as mere website design and maintenance, has been maturing over the years as the Brand grew and consumer behaviour changed. Continued monitoring of Data Analytics uncovered the need for a strong presence in Social Media, highlighted clear opportunities in SEO, laid the grounds for an ongoing Paid Media strategy, and led to the creation of a new Brand Identity Book to consistently convey the Brand across all platforms.

The relationship – and more importantly, the business – is evolving together, to the point that we are now producing printed materials. Digital was the driving force, transactions are the ultimate goal, multi-dimensional communications will be the vehicle for sustainable Brand growth.

And we believe Isobar has passed Inspection with flying colours!


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