Controlauto: And the “Digital Safety Inspection” was Born


Controlauto: And the “Digital Safety Inspection” was Born

As a market leader, Controlauto insists on providing its customers with the best service experience, both in terms of the professional flair with which inspections are carried out, and in the quick, simple and efficient way in which you can book an inspection.

As such, along the 10-year relationship between Controlauto and Isobar, it was decided it was time to set a new digital platform up, one that better conveyed the Brand values while facilitating a more efficient booking experience.

To make this goal come true, Isobar teamed up with iProspect to analyse the overall website performance over the last few years, namely the conversion rate for each origin type and their respective navigation flows. This has pinpointed for us the main user motivations, along with new opportunities for optimisation.

The new website features a content structure that is optimised towards the Portuguese user’s search preferences and it reinvents the booking process, allowing the user to book from any point in the website and showing specific pages for each Inspection Centre.

The end result is a website that actually mirrors Controlauto’s values and proximity positioning, while responding effectively to any user needs regardless of their origin, proficiency or landing page. Although the new website https://controlauto.pt/ has been online since early October, this story will not end here, since a new challenge now arises: that of undergoing permanent results measurement and ensure an enduringly satisfactory experience over time. Or, in other words, our very own “Digital Periodic Inspection”!


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