Artur brought an increase of 25% of vehicle inspections


Artur brought an increase of 25% of vehicle inspections

Controlauto is getting smarter at each interaction: “Artur”, the chatbot, has arrived to its website to help users to schedule vehicle inspections and to find inspection Centers.

Controlauto launched a software that is making digital relations with its customers easier and faster. Developed by Isobar Portugal, this chatbot has been dubbed "Artur" and allows you to enjoy different features directly related to vehicle inspection.

Isobar used processing systems, more specifically: Natural language processing, essential for building this text-based interface. When the user dialogues with “Artur” he or she is able to quickly schedule a vehicle inspection on the Center closest to his/her location and also to be reminded of the inspection some time in advance.

Artur is an artificial intelligence project that will gain new competences as time and interactions go by.

In addition, it assumes itself as a source of emotional intelligence, humanizing and bringing a relationship of the brand with its customers and customers closer to the services they seek.

On its first month of “work”, Artur already brought an increase of 25% of vehicle inspections when compared to the traditional process.

“This is another step we take towards creating differentiating services for our customers. We have been steadily investing in this goal and will continue to do so as our ambition is to be able to decode the “real value” of our market-wide inspection service so that it is no longer perceived as mandatory and understood as an added value for our customers' road safety. Because the safety of our customers is our priority.”


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