A Reminder that we’re a networked Network


A Reminder that we’re a networked Network

One tends to picture a Global CEO as a larger-than-life, unreachable, almost mythical being. As far as Jean Li is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. The only larger-than-life aspect of her we got to experience was her friendly smile and openness, as she took the time to inspire us with tales of woe from across the network. Tales that merely confirm that Ideas are indeed without limits in this network. During her hour-long presentation to the whole of our Lisbon team, she shared a few very cool cases, some choice learnings, dashes of inspiration, but most of all a clear message: our collective know-how and talent works best together. Global cooperation between our teams, whether they work on giant global brands or small local Clients, provides us with a colossal edifice of shared knowledge-on-tap that is an integral part of our strenght. Worldwide. And that's why we're becoming a highly networked Network.


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