1st Isobar Portugal Summit


1st Isobar Portugal Summit

‘Success’ begins with an ‘S’. So do ‘Sun’, ‘Smiles’ and ‘Sangria’, and all of them made their presence felt during the 1st Summit held by Isobar Portugal at one of our conveniently placed beaches around Lisbon. Yes, it was a cold January morning by our standards, but nobody felt the chill. Not really.

Another ‘S’ word which was discussed in abundance was ‘Strategy’. The Isobar Portugal Strategy Group - a Task Force led by our CEO, Nuno Frazão, and carried by creative director David Carvalho, along with business strategy director David Reis, designer Miguel Mateus, developer Paula Carvalho, copywriter Paulo Costa and (last, but definitely not least) social media manager Marta Waddington – presented their findings and strategy over appetizers. What a lovely way to present strategy, we all felt. And meant it.

They shared our strategic goals and the path we need to thread over the upcoming years, and conveyed empowerment in spades over lunch to all present, so as to leave no one in any doubt about our prospective roles in these plans. We will make this agency together; this message was crystal clear.

At 17 years, we are one of the longest established digital agency in the market. We’re by far the most awarded, both locally and internationally. But most of all, we are unique in our offer of digital solutions with built-in analytics, metrics and KPI’s. No other agency in Portugal offers this mix of data-driven creative solutions with measurable – and measured from day one – results.

And because surgical aim is an integral part of our job across the board, we spent the rest of the afternoon pulverizing a target with a recurved bow and aluminium arrows. On the beach. But it was all work. Seriously, it was.


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